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Dental Sealants - How to raise Cavity-Free Kids

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Dental sealants are one of the least known advances of modern dentistry albeit probably one which could potentially have a very significant impact on the future well-being of your teeth.

Easy and pain free to apply, dental sealants can dramatically reduce childhood cavities. Unfortunately, many children do not receive the protective benefits of sealants. The use of fluoride in drinking water and education about proper brushing and flossing have resulted in a dramatic reduction in cavity formation for our kids. However, cavities which occur in teeth located at the back of the mouth are still prone to cavity formation mainly due to improper brushing due to difficulty in accessing those area of the mouth. Research has shown that more than 80% of all cavities occur in the back teeth in each arch of the mouth. These back teeth (molars) are susceptible to cavity formation because on the surface they contain small pits and grooves which are necessary for chewing the food. These pits cannot be cleaned by easily by toothbrushing. Bacteria builds up in these pits and groves, feeds on leftover food particles, and creates acidic components as a by-products This acid is retained in the pits and grooves and ultimately destroys tooth enamel, causing cavities.


Dental sealants are clear protective coatings which are applied to cover the tooth surface and prevent bacteria and food particles from lodging into the pits and grooves. To apply these sealants, the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, prepare the tooth surfaces for sealnt application, and then paint the dental sealant onto the teeth. The procedure is very easy and takes only 10 minutes or so.

Sealants are applied after the age of six when the first permanent molars come in, however, they can also be applied in adults. Dental sealants last for 4-5 years and can easily be applied by your dentist when they do wear off. It is important to have sealants checked periodically to ensure integrity and uniformity of covering.

Dental sealants have been recommended by the American Dental Association for twenty years and have been shown to significantly reduce cavities. Despite these facts, few children are protected by dental sealants mainly because parents don't know that this is available as an effective option for protecting their children's teeth.

At StarBrite Dental we strongly recommend sealants for all our young patients. Make an appointment today by calling us and ensure that you and your child has a healthy and beautiful smile for a long time. Dental sealants are a covered benefit with most dental insurance plans.

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