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Tooth Colored Fillings - A Cosmetically Pleasing Alternative to Amalgam Fills

While amalgams have been used for filling dental cavities for the longest time, they definitely do not have a esthetically pleasing look. Tooth colored filling are made of light-curable resins. These advanced polymeric materials are absolutely safe, strong and can be tailored to match the color of your teeth.. - A kind of personalized dental filling material. They are applied similarly to how amalgams fillings are placed. A dental curing light is used to "set" the resin in the cavity. While these can be used to fill cavity they are also used in several cosmetic enhancements, such as fixing front cracked teeth, removing unsightly spots and minor stains.

You don't need to live with the dark discolored amalgam fills anymore - the answers are out there...

                                beforeresin.jpg (37K)
                                afterresin (33K)

Dr Lokhandwala has seen more than 30,000 patients in her dental practice in Fremont, CA and performs a wide range of dental procedures. Tooth colored filling and cosmetic enhancement has been a wonderful tool at StarBrite Dental to significantly enhance the smile and looks of our patients. If you are evaluating the possibility of enhancing your smile and would like to have an cosmetic evaluation we would be very pleased to help you. We have advanced dental imaging software, which will allow us to build a visualization to show you how your teeth will appear after the darker fillings are replaced with white resins. Call us to make an appointment at 510-795-7786, and ask to speak with Alka.

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